Batman No.1

Batman No.1 (1940)

That’s all. Just Batman number one. In nearly perfect condition. It contains the first appearance of both the Joker and the Cat, a.k.a. Catwoman.

The 1st Joker
The “Cat”
I just had to include this page… “Quiet or Papa Spank!” LMAO!

DC Showcase Presents

Some of the best comic book-related entertainment has to be DC’s Showcase. One-off episodes of some sometimes obscure characters and groups. While not really tied to any singular continuity, all are very entertaining. I would love to see Challengers of the Unknown given the DCS treatment. The format would make a great anthology series for television or a streaming service. Perhaps they could roll out one or two of their mystic characters to host each episode.

Kamandi almost knocked my favorite down a peg but it has to still be the Sgt. Rock short where Rock loses Easy Company and is assigned replacements for a new mission. The new team was a wonderful homage to the Creature Commandos. The CC first appeared in Weird War Tales number ninety-three. The chances are slim of seeing the full line-up but you never know.

The Underrated: Catwoman (2004)

post_catwoman   First, check your knee-jerk reaction at the anti-social media door. I can see you prepared to pull your digital pants down to crap all over this. Heck, I am guilty of crapping on this film from 2004 myself.

   Until last night, I had only seen clips of this movie and read / heard other people’s opinions about it. That’s not how I roll anymore so I wanted to give it a fair shake. That’s exactly what I set out to do.

   Without taking everything so damn seriously, like many of us do all to often, I was just looking for something that would be interesting, have a fresh take, and be fun to watch with Mrs. Multiverse.post_catwoman-2

   With the Multiverse in mind, I went in with no preconceived notion as to what Catwoman is “supposed to be”. It already had a few pluses going in with Halle Berry 🥰 and Benjamin Bratt, two actors I enjoy watching. While I am not totally sold on her final outfit, I prefered the leather jacket look, I enjoyed the film.

   I feel like this was a pretty empowering movie for a young girl to watch. I mean, I can sit here and say that the outfit is hyper-sexulaized but at the end of the day I doubt if it was something that Halle didn’t want to wear she wouldn’t have at that point in her career.


   Was this my favorite depiction of Catwoman? No. My favorite is from Batman: The Animated Series, but this is a fun reinterpretation of the character. We’ll be watching it again.

   If you are here for some in depth review or for me to talk about pacing, etc, this isn’t the bLog post that you are looking for. Like I said, I was interested in a good time, not a deep philosophical journey that would change my life forever. If I want that, I’ll go outside and experience life directly, not through any sort of media.

WB’s Birds of Prey Revisited

birds_of_prey_trio   I remembered seeing some previews for this back in 2002. At that point I couldn’t get a WB channel so I never was able to watch the show. Being familiar with Chuck Dixon and Gail Simone’s comic series I know what I would like to expect but I see what I am not going to be getting. I almost expected to see an Earth 2 (classic) interpretation of the comic series until Selina Kyle was killed off. One of my favorite female characters is Black Canary, it seems they retooled her onto a teenage psychic. Oracle, Barbara Gordon, seems to be one of the few characters, along with the stalwart Alfred Pennyworth, that has been  untouched. Helena Kyle, the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, seems to have some sort of super-power.

   The worst thing I can say about the pilot episode is that Huntress’ outfit is rubbish. Other than that, the show isn’t too bad. It has a good “Girls Kick Ass” vibe to it. If they could remake the show using the same feel but with Arrow’s edge, Flash’s charm, and Legends of Tomorrow’s fun, then I’ll wager, they would have another hit on their hands.


  There is a fine line between good superhero shows and great ones. Television has had its fair share of “cape” series like Nightman, M.A.N.T.I.S., The Inhumans, and many more that didn’t do that well. Very few shows of that genre were given a fair shake, let alone taken seriously. When I was younger I grew up on The Adventures of Superman (1952) and Batman (1966), had a huge crush on Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman (1978) and I liked the Flash (1990). I am all in on the CW/DC shows, without a doubt. Marvel is in the game with the Runaways, Agents of SHIELD, Cloak & Dagger, Legion, and all of the Netflix shows. ABC is talking about more on the way.

   Anyways… back to Birds of Prey. We have the first four episodes and we are now on the second. I think we’ll be adding the other three discs to our NetFlix queue. I will be giving this series at least a 3 out of 5 stars. More importantly, my wife seems to be enjoying the show 🙂