Micronauts by Bill Mantlo & Michael Golden

In our trailer, when the temperature goes anywhere near triple digits (Fahrenheit), Mrs. Multiverse and I sequester ourselves in our tiny bedroom. It's the only room where our sad little RV aircon can almost keep up. We can get that room to about 78 degrees when our other rooms are 85 - 90. We'd go [...]

New Transformers Toys Incoming

I enjoyed the Transformers from time to time. They were introduced when I was 14, branded as Transformers. Not being one to care about where I got good story telling, I watch the G1 cartoons and enjoyed them. I never really had the toys, nor did I care to own them. I've been in an [...]

Real Ghostbusters: Highway Haunter (1987) by Kenner… More Than Meets the Eye!

   My "new" piece has finally arrived, I am pretty stoked about this one! The Real Ghostbusters' Highway Haunter, by Kenner, is a very fun toy. Shaped like a Volkswagen Beetle, this vehicle harbors a horrifying secret. Press the head rests on the car seats down and the once benign bug turns into a giant [...]