Parody Design: Keep on Tolkien’

Keep on Tolkien' on TeePublic View on TeePublic My take on Crumb's old "Keep On Truckin'" design. I was chuckling to myself while I was doing this one.

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way is a book by Stan Lee and John Buscema. This book walks you, the aspiring comic book artist, through the process of how to draw and create comic books. John Buscema illustrated the artwork, with plenty of Jack Kirby examples included as well. The first edition was published [...]

In Search Of: A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Art Book from K-Mart circa 1979 (SOLVED!)

THE FANTASTIC PLANET - A WORLD OF MAGIC AND MYSTERY Many thanks to commenter, Travis Mcferrin, for solving this mystery! The book is from 1980 and is by Steven Caldwell. The imprint seems to be Galactic Encounters, and as soon as I find a copy f this book to purchase I shall be looking for [...]

In Search Of: A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Art Book from K-Mart circa 1979

For over a decade, I have been searching for this book. I have vague memories of it, which is odd for me since I have such a vivid memory for inconsequential things. I have no idea what the book was titled, but I do recall certain pieces that stick out in my memory but I [...]

The Final Words of Thorin Oakenshield

   Of all the animated specials in the 70's, The Hobbit has to be one of my favorite. It severely oversimplifies the book, but it is a genuine work of art and one that I've been enjoying since it was released by Rankin:Bass in 1977. It was this animated special that introduced me to J.R.R. [...]