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Catching up with the Coming Crisis

   When Arrow first aired, I was there. For every episode, I was there. After the fourth or fifth season we had an on-again-off-again relationship. The plots were hampered by more drama than was necessary, but I guess that is the nature of storytelling now. Instead of ranting about it I chose to just become… Continue reading Catching up with the Coming Crisis


Gallery 2019: Drawings

Updated August 31st...    My ongoing journey to develop my drawing skill. I am making progress, but there are times where it seems like one step forward and three steps back. These are just a few of my highlights.        

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Top 10 Secondary TV Characters who were Primary in our Hearts

   You know them, and love them. The secondary characters from your favorite TV shows of years gone by. They always have an important key role to play, even though they may not be in every episode. They make the primary characters look good, even though they out shine them at times. Without further ado… Continue reading Top 10 Secondary TV Characters who were Primary in our Hearts

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WB’s Birds of Prey Revisited

   I remembered seeing some previews for this back in 2002. At that point I couldn’t get a WB channel so I never was able to watch the show. Being familiar with Chuck Dixon and Gail Simone’s comic series I know what I would like to expect but I see what I am not going… Continue reading WB’s Birds of Prey Revisited

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Batman: Hush Being Animated for 2019

   Not really feeling like posting much today. The show must go on though. I guess.      Batman: Hush will be the next animated offering from DC's direct to video group. It has a general release target of the Summer of 2019. There have been a few solid hits with the DC direct market,… Continue reading Batman: Hush Being Animated for 2019

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Beware the Cartoon Network, Batman.

   I wrote my obligatory rant about CN yanking BTB from its line-up (just like Young Justice & Green Lantern last October, 2012) on Rob’s iO9 entry but now I am bring it to my own blog. I read in the other ranting comments that Cartoon Network is more concerned with a demographic that is far below… Continue reading Beware the Cartoon Network, Batman.

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Beware the Batman! Indeed.

   Don’t mind me, I just going to sit here and eat my own words. I had a few derogatory things to say about “Beware the Batman” over the last, well ever since I saw the pic of Alfred brandishing guns. I was also a little bat-hurt that my Silver Age Fanfest, Batman the Brave & the Bold, was canceled and… Continue reading Beware the Batman! Indeed.