🔱Trident: 🌊Underseas Defense Team🧜‍♂️

In the Multiverse, there are team ups that would make lawyers of the prime earth plotz. This is one such team up. The Creature, Aquaman and Namor, the Submariner unite to protect the oceans and waterways of their planet, Earth-779. Along with other heroes, such as Triton of the Inhumans, Mera & Namora of Atlantis, [...]

Revisiting Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire is unique as far as animated offerings from the house of the mouse. It has many of the common tropes of other Disney fantasy films but this one lacks the one thing that the others have in spades... musical numbers. The other Princess style movies are all musicals, whereas this [...]

Arion: Lord of Atlantis

Wikipedia Entry: In the DC Universe, Arion is a heroic demigod in the Aquaman version of Atlantis, serving as a member of the fictional group of cosmic entities known as the Lords of Chaos and Order aligned with the latter. The character's historical exploits, skills as a wizard, and ties to the Atlantean pantheon make [...]