Mego Style: Prince Namor, the Submariner

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Submariner: The Complexity of Namor

So. Namor. Easily one of my favorite Marvel characters. When he's good, he the most noblest of heroes, yet when he is bad he can be the most vile being in the Marvel Universe. He is one of the better anti-heroes in all of comicdom. He began as a terror to humanity, then became a [...]

Arion: Lord of Atlantis

Wikipedia Entry: In the DC Universe, Arion is a heroic demigod in the Aquaman version of Atlantis, serving as a member of the fictional group of cosmic entities known as the Lords of Chaos and Order aligned with the latter. The character's historical exploits, skills as a wizard, and ties to the Atlantean pantheon make [...]

Bits & Bytes: New Aquaman Suit

Bits & Bytes is a new format I am experimenting with here on I expect them to be a sentence or two, along with some imagery. Jason Momoa Unveils New Aquaman Suit Ahead of Sequel ~ I would love to see a bit of the short lived mid-80's costume style in this new suit.

Review: Justice Society: World War II… Worth Your Dime and Your Time?

If you are at all familiar with the history and lore of the Justice Society... forget what you know. This is a new iteration of the Justice Society of America. I won't get into plot details here apart from it being the normal Flash adventure fair. The animation is OK, and the character designs are [...]