Gallery 2019: Drawings

Updated August 31st...    My ongoing journey to develop my drawing skill. I am making progress, but there are times where it seems like one step forward and three steps back. These are just a few of my highlights.        


Q: The greatest Star Wars Knock-Off… EVER? A: Yes.

   This knock-off figure, Femme Stellarii by Suckadelic, is a beautiful example of a mashup. The wonderful packaging is Leia's head, on a Wilma Deering (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century) body, with legs from another source that I cannot identify yet. For the future, it's clearly a Micronaut with a silver metal-vacced Leia head.… Continue reading Q: The greatest Star Wars Knock-Off… EVER? A: Yes.


Model Sheet Manipulations

   This is what brought me into the world of #digital creating. It taught me how to use what I had on hand, at first MS Paint, then graduate to more complex #design programs like Photoshop. The objective is simple, to take a character model sheet or style guide, and turn the subject into another… Continue reading Model Sheet Manipulations


Character Reference Sheet Manipulations

   Way back when the internet was new this was my hobby. Using MS Paint, I used to take Bruce Timm’s character sheets from Batman:TAS and Superman:TAS and create different characters. I found a website that focused on this run by a fellow called Kryptcom. That site went down but the users on the forum… Continue reading Character Reference Sheet Manipulations