Digital Show-and-Tell

Did you know that I share my drawings and the occasional collectibles on Instagram? Most of the time I share my latest art there before I post in on my website, while some things never get posted anywhere else. All IG posts there are by me. Whether it's a meme, or a photo taken, a [...]

Q: The greatest Star Wars Knock-Off… EVER? A: Yes.

This knock-off figure, Femme Stellarii by Suckadelic, is a beautiful example of a mashup. The wonderful packaging is Leia's head, on a Wilma Deering (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century) body, with legs from another source that I cannot identify yet. For the figure, it's clearly Micronaut inspired with a silver vac-metalized Leia head. I [...]

Galadriel by Flore Maquin

Galadriel by Flore Maquin Adobe Photoshop's opening graphic by Flore Maquin both greets and mesmerizes me every time I open the application. I love this piece so much that I had to call it out and share it with the rest of the world that doesn't this Adobe product. Check out the rest of this [...]