My 52nd Trip Around Our Star

Today I spent my time doing what I wanted to do. Oddly enough that didn’t involve art of any kind. OK, I did create two variations of an older design on my TeePublic shop but nothing too involved. While posting new items to my Ebay account and Etsy account, I watched some great movies and shows.

My first stop was to a Galaxy, Far, Far Away. I have a copy of the original release and it was just fun to recite the movie along with the actors.

Next I just had to play the Holiday Special. It’s a train wreck in slow motion full of talented people who are giving it their all, and I appreciate that. It’s one of those things that I unabashedly love and I enjoy admitting it

Directly after SW:THS I dove into the dark end of the pool and watched Batman (2022). It was a solid film, but it could have used a bit more editing for pacing. I think I could have gone with Tim Burton’s Batman and had a lot more fun, plus it would have given me an extra hour for something else.

After some Netflix shows like Arrow, the Flash, and Legacies I tucked Mrs. Multiverse in and fired up a Kung Fu classic from Shaw Brothers… Challenge of the Masters!

That is how I spent my 52nd trip around our local star.


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100 Years of Ray Harryhausen

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the late and great Ray Harryhausen. This man was a visionary pioneer of the visual effects and film industry in general. His artistic style was distinct and inspired. His last film, Clash of the Titans, remains my favorite to this day. Would the world be any different without the genius of Ray Harryhausen? Indeed! Everything that I love today can be tied to a creator being inspired by this man.

Not only was Ray Harryhausen a stop motion maestro and wonderful sculptor, he was also an accomplished illustrator and painter. He was such a talented person, and by all accounts an extremely pleasant man. Join me in celebrating the life of this most excellent human being, the likes of which shall never be seen again.


Batman 1989

Being what I consider to be the first of the modern comic book movies, Batman 89 brought us into a new world of capes and cowls on the big-screen. There were other Superhero films long before this one, but they didn’t have that comic book movie feel that this movie did. Superman got close but they really when out of their way to elevate beyond the comics. This was understandable since it would take another decade until comic books began to be taken seriously.

While it is not the best overall representation of the Dark Knight, it is still one of the best. I have room for all versions of the live action adventures of the Bat, to varying degrees, but this and Adam West’s portrayals are my favorites. It has its faults, and I think that is also part of its charm as a film.

I can still remember being enthralled in the grip of the second coming of Batmainia. Batman was everywhere, all of the time. Among my favorite things is the official comic book adaptation of the film by the great Jerry Ordway. The shirts were everywhere, the world had Batman on the brain. Between Danny Elfman and Prince, the music was perfect.



Anyhow, I’ll be celebrating the 31st anniversary of this movie with a viewing this evening. Along with that I will also be celebrating the return of Michael Keaton to the role of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming, and often postponed, Flash film.

Bonus Wallpaper:

Power Rangers Day

Β  Β I would be remiss if I allowed the passing of this day without mention of the 25th anniversary of the Power Rangers.

I dig those special Rangers

It’s Morphin Time!

Β  Β The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came out when I was 23, honestly I didn’t even notice them. Then one day I clicked in right when there was some pretty impressive fight choreography happening. It also had the feel of some of the old Japanese shows that I used to watch as a child. I didn’t go out of my way to catch every episode, but I didn’t avoid it either. I liked the original team through the one that went into space. I could give you the original show names like Zyu Ranger, but I won’t. By the time Zeo Rangers aired, I was all in. The stories wayned a bit after that, but I kept watching for the choreography, and creative use of the source material. The merchandise was pretty cool too, it was all Japanese stuff with English branding. The simple genius of how Saban repurposed so many shows into an empire is awe inspiring.


Β  Β There were only two other versions that I was into, and still will watch to this day. Ninja Storm, and Dino Thunder… man those two shows are fun!

Bonus image, the original Go Rangers. This pic was scanned and sent to me by Sentai FAQ author Mark Miyaki in the mid-90’s.

Anyhow, Happy Power Rangers Day.

Happy Anniversary Action Comics!


Β  Β Today, Action Comics number one debuted 80 years ago! Action Comics One Thousand hits local comic shops, and millions of nerds will celebrate this milestone. Action Comics, of course, is a Superman vehicle. Superman is the reason that we are all here now. The character was the beginning of the superhero genre in the early 20th century. Sure, we had the epic tales of Gilgamesh, Heracles, or Beowulf, but it just wouldn’t be the same. Join in the fun today, and celebrate Action Comics starring Superman.

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