That Time Wonder Woman Was Blonde (1974)

That Time Wonder Woman Was Blonde? I remember watching this TV movie in the late 70’s but that was the one and only time until the time of this original blog post which is being updated from 2015. The movie was playing one Saturday afternoon on TV at my Granny's house in what must have [...]

Deadpool and Korg React: Masterful Marketing Deadpool and Korg React... a brilliant marketing campaign from the minds of some equally brilliant minds. This viral campaign is reminiscent of Ryan's Deadpool marketing initiatives. The hilariously self aware video is the type of marketing push that I would love to be involved in. The marketing I was involved with was entirely too [...]

Legion of Superheroes (2006 – 2007) a mini Review

It is the 31st Century and the Legion of Superheroes is in dire need of assistance to defeat a group of foes that they can’t hope to match. Their solution, go back in time and enlist the help of the greatest superhero of them all… Superman. One little problem. They overshoot their target date by [...]

Doll, Action Figure, or Figurine?

Barbie Wonder Woman is possibly one of the best versions of the character that I have seen so far How do I determine if something is a Doll, Action Figure, or Figurine? As a collector I have an easy way to label these. I am using Wonder Woman as my main example... probably because I [...]

Affiliate: If At First…

If at first you don't succeed, reapply, reapply again. I am trying to make the site work for for itself, and being an affiliate is a part of that plan. Unfortunately, Amazon no longer allows you to make purchases from your own affiliate account... so here we are. In order to keep my #Amazon affiliate [...]