/Sigh/ A Robotech Film is Being Developed… Again.

This property is based on the popular 80s cartoon series, adapted from the original anime series “Super Dimension Fortress Macross” (Japanese: 超時空要塞マクロス, Chōjikū Yōsai Makurosu, “Super Spacetime Fortress Macross”), Robotech is set in a time when Earth has developed giant robots from the technology of an alien spacecraft that crashed on a South Pacific island. Now united earth government is using that technology to fight off an alien invasion. The race called the Zentradi. They have come to retrieve the secret of robotechnology… Protoculture.

We’ve been hearing this tune for almost two decades now. I’m over it. What about you? If it happens it happens. If not, we still have the old series 🙂

Nerd Rage!

Nerd Rage!

Nerd Rage! How I went from being overly critical about geek properties to a more laid-back, take it as it comes, fan.

This is all just made up stuff to entertain… Why so Serious?

I used to be pretty harsh on TV shows and Films that just didn’t get it “right”. You know, “Captain America” (1990), Thor in “The Incredible Hulk Returns”, “Batman and Robin” (1997), I could go on. These, and other movies / tv shows like them, would be targets for my unyielding hatred. OK, perhaps hatred is a bit too harsh, but I loved to hate on them. Nothing was good enough. Even films like “The Lord of the Rings”, as great as they were, would set me off as to not being accurate enough. This sort of childish behavior went on for years, alright… decades. Funny thing, RAGE… it’s addictive. Some folks are very content wallowing in negative behavior. If that is your thing, then move along, this isn’t the blog for you.

Don’t like it? Make your own story.

One day I wrote a scathing article on one of the first flops that I had ever watched, no it wasn’t “Legends of the Super-Heroes”, “Doctor Strange” starring Peter Hooten is 1978. I wrote it based on my memories, very old memories influenced by other nerds doing nothing but talking shit about it any time it was brought up in a conversation. After I grinned down on my published wit like the Grinch over Whoville I moved onto my next target. Months later I found a copy of the tv movie and watched it. What a jerk I had been! It wasn’t half bad for the time, budget and technological restrictions that they had to deal with. I actually liked it. I asked myself if I had been wrong about other shows from the past.

Was this fun? Yep.

This had  been an awakening in my geek life.  Just because something wasn’t totally accurate didn’t mean that I couldn’t enjoy them for what they were. People today forget where we came from, how far we have come, and are extremely spoiled. I’m looking at you, “Nerd Rager” who is taking 100% shit about “Batman V Superman”, or “Fantastic Four”. Find something that you like about whatever you are watching and hold onto that. Or just skip the thing that you despise so much that you see red. You’ll thank yourself in the end.

Not comic accurate by a long show, but the actor captured the essence of the character.

Personally, I feel like I’ve attained some sort of +10 in Zen Geekness. I am happier and this attitude of non-entitlement has grown into other areas of my life. Plus this has opened me up to shows and films that I never would have considered watching before, which has also helped me to discover new comics and books to add to my interest list. While I can still be critical, at times, I like to think it out first and not over react yet I will always find something that I can take away from whatever I am watching/reading and smile.


Until next time, old chums…

Live Long, Prosper and May the Force Be With You.

Superman… but which Version?

Superman... but which Version?
Val-zod of Earth-2, President Ellis of Earth-23, or a new character?

Superman… but which Version? There are two pre-existing characters that can be featured in the upcoming project produced by J.J. Abrams and penned by Ta-Nehisi Coates. The search is on for a director and it seems like Michael B. Jordan is being sought out to play the title character, Superman. As I have stated before when this was more rumor than a possibility, this excites me. Something new! From the medium that normalized the concepts of interdimensional stories through the use of the Multiverse, now the Omniverse, it’s about time we break with the meat and potatoes of these tales of modern gods and get into expanding the pallet. A good story will carry a film with such concepts of “unexpected” or “out of the ordinary” that they fear a general audience wouldn’t be able to follow.

The reliance on some sort of informed audience has led to some serious lazy writing. Watered down plots that they hope everybody can keep up with makes for some less than memorable tales. Relying, instead, on visually stunning imagery to carry a project is doing nothing to lift the comic book movie as a genre… I digress.

Superman… but which Version?

The term “REBOOT” is being tossed around. It’s not going to be a reboot. This will be it’s own thing. There are established characters to pull from and lets not over look the fact that Warner Brothers would in no way possible replace Superman’s original form. So the two existing characters are Val-zod of Earth-2, the “New 52’s version of Earth-2”, and Calvin Ellis of Earth-23. Calvin Ellis, whos Kryptonian name is Kalel a.k.a. Superman, is the president of the United States. Calvin was based off of the 44th President of the United States, Barrack Obama. The Earth-2 version might be more likely, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Another option is to come up with a whole new version of the Man of Steel. While this would annoy fans of the previously mentioned versions of the titular Superman, the blank slate approach is going to give the audience an option to have something new. The thing that everybody wants, until they get it… NEW. Having grown up in the seventies, I am used to getting versions of established characters that are anywhere from Just Off to WAY OFF. Just give me a good story and it’s all good. Ta-Nehisi Coates never disappoints when it comes to good story telling, AND as long as the “suits” can keep their uninformed opinions out of the whole process, we may just get something very special out of this. Honestly, if they could get their Kryptonians in a roll, we could actually see a Multiverse team up of Supermen in the same vein as the Arrowverse cross-overs.

Calvin Ellis

Years ago, the planet Krypton was annihilated in a cataclysmic explosion, leaving almost nothing left. Shortly before the catastrophe, young scientists Jorel and Lara managed to rocket their infant child, Kalel, into the depths of space, where he would eventually land on the planet Earth. Found by the poor but kind Ellis family, who christened him Calvin, he was raised to stand up for himself no matter the odds, and to fight for what’s right. When his star-spanning Kryptonian powers emerged under Earth’s yellow sun, he became Superman, champion of the oppressed and defender of peace around the world.

Superman would fight many battles against the likes of Lex Luthor, construct the citadel of Fort Superman, and inspire a generation of superheroes by his emergence who would form the Justice League. But his greatest adventure of all may be, in his identity as Calvin Ellis, becoming the President of the United States of America, where aided by his long-suffering assistant Courtney and the reprogrammed alien intelligence Brainiac, he works to protect the world with political as well as superhuman might.

Born to Jorel and Lara in the science capital on Vathlo Island on Krypton, baby Kalel was sent to Earth to escape Krypton’s destruction. Found by the poor but kind Ellis family, who christened him Calvin, he was raised to stand up for himself no matter the odds, and to fight for what’s right. When his star-spanning Kryptonian powers emerged under Earth’s yellow sun, he became Superman, champion of the oppressed and defender of peace around the world.

One day, inhabitants from an alternate Earth came through to his Earth, fleeing from their universe’s Superman, whom they had created. When the evil Superman came through, Superman fought him and won, with the help of Lex Luthor. (“The Curse of Superman”)

Superman also interferes directly in his country’s international affairs, using his powers as Superman. Shortly after the encounter with the alternate Superman, he destroyed all of Bialya’s nuclear facilities, and then invited them to join the international community. (“Executive Power”)

Source: Superman Wiki & DC Database


Becoming the last of his House after his parents’ execution by Krypton’s court, Val quickly made friends with fellow orphan Kara Zor-El. Moments before Krypton’s destruction, Val, Kara, Kal-El and another child managed to escape and survive their planet’s destruction thanks to Jor-El and Lara.

Through his trip, Val was educated by his parents’ knowledge recorded on his capsule, teaching him that violence was the least rational way to overcome issues, driving him to become a pacifist.

Falling on Earth, he was found by Terry Sloan who offered him asylum to “protect” him from the outside world, becoming a recluse.

He was found by the new Wonders who were looking for the mysterious alien to fight a brainwashed Superman and they discovered that he too was a Kryptonian. Suffering a panic attack after being freed, Val revealed that he spent most of his life on a capsule, thus he was afraid of open spaces. So Lois told him that it was okay to be afraid and that, being a Kryptonian, he could do something to help everyone.

Starting to develop his abilities, Lois tried to teach Val how to use his powers by finally going outdoors and try to fly. He was doing his best when they were attacked by a horde of Parademons lead by Superman who was behind Val. Saved by Lois, he and Hawkgirl were alone against the Parademons until they were saved by Green Lantern who took them to safety. Worried about Lois, Val told Batman that they must save her, but their plan was interrupted by Apokoliptian forces who forced them to evacuate the Batcave and escape to Amazonia. Batman blamed Val for not using his powers and letting Red Arrow die, saying it’s all on him. When Jimmy approached him, he told him that it wasn’t his fault before asking him what he was hiding beneath his hoodie, to which he revealed was the symbol of the House of El.

Source: DC Database

Clash of the Titans (1981)

Looking back through my past posts I discovered, to my shock and dismay, that I had never made a post talking about one of my all-time favorite Harryhausen films… Clash of the Titans. I could either slide further into my deep pandemic justice-less depression OR I could rectify this oversight.

The day is June 12th, 1981, and I am an eleven year-old boy who was already deeply into classical mythology. My Mother took me to see this one at the Birdcage Walk theater in the greater Sacramento area. The movie was a fun watch for this kid, and when it was over we went the the Toy я Us across the parking-lot. Once there I was delighted to find a Perseus/Pegasus figure set. We probably hit the comic book shop while we were over there as well, Comics and Comix was my jam.

Last night we watched Clash of the Titans again, and sure there were some riff-able, but it is still a pure joy to watch. I still adore Bubo the mechanical owl, the side banter between the Goddesses on mount Olympus, the incredible animation of Medusa, and the stoic bravery of Andromeda. While this mashes a few different classical Greek myths together, and introduces some new elements, it is a solid tale of a Demi-God who becomes a hero after being thrust into a situation not of his choosing, risks everything for the princess that he loves, and defies the will of a Goddess that seeks atonement for slanderous slip of the tongue by the Queen at her daughter’s wedding.

I never had the Mattel Kraken, but I had the rest of the line and it was a joy to play with those figures. Now I only own Perseus and Pegasus again. It took a while to get the best deal, but I have them and they are both complete. Every time I look at them I am taken back to those fun days where it was just me, my toys and what ever adventure that I was going to have that day. I also had the comic adaptation of the move, which I also required in 2019. While I am not actively looking for Clash of the Titans merchandise, I am never going to pass some up when the price is right.


My Meager Collection:

Side Notes: The Old Guard

In this Side Note I want to talk about my first impression of “The Old Guard”. It’s different but it also feels very familiar. This could easily be branded as a Highlander reboot with a twist… instead of fighting other immortals they band together to fight for the world. I think the concept of The Old Guard really appeals to me because it feels like an independent comic book story which is a great thing because it is an adaptation of a comic book. Honestly I didn’t know this concept was originally a comic until I looked into the show a bit deeper. It’s difficult to judge the quality of anything from a trailer, but this looks really good and action-packed. A bit of fantasy to pass the time, and the Watcher only knows that we could all use that right now.