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Blind Fury (1989)

   Blind Fury (1989) was a tip of a hat to the classic Zatoichi films of the 60's through the 80's. It brought the story of a blind swordsman in a more relatable way to western audiences. I adore the Zatoichi series, and was still very entertained by this movie. While it has been decades… Continue reading Blind Fury (1989)

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American Ninja

   So in the 1980's, Ninja were like a force of nature. They caused more mayhem and damage than any natural disaster. From over complicated plans by evil masterminds, to simple plot devices, Ninja were always there to save the entertainment industry's day.      This evening I pulled up American Ninja on the Plex… Continue reading American Ninja

Memory Banks

Diener Space Raiders: Classic Robo-Alien & Spaceship Erasers

   Source: Little Weirdos: Mini figures and other monster toys: Diener Space Raiders: classic robo-alien & spaceship erasers    Oh Internet, is there anything that I can remember that you can’t locate? Actually there are a few things, but I was thinking back on an eraser set I had back when I was 10 (1980). Lo and behold… Continue reading Diener Space Raiders: Classic Robo-Alien & Spaceship Erasers

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Sunday Morning Super Dimension Fortress One Fun

   So it’s Sunday. Sunday’s used to be a dull day. Nothing to watch on TV, except the occasional b-roll cartoon like Galtar or some other show that just wasn’t cut out for Saturday mornings. While I do have a soft spot in my heart for even those shows, nothing compares to choosing what you want to… Continue reading Sunday Morning Super Dimension Fortress One Fun

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Let’s Go, Voltron…

   Voltron: Legendary Defender, was released on June 10th. I cannot recommend this new show enough. I was 15 when Voltron: Defender of the Universe was released in North America from a retooled Beast King: Go Lion. Back then, I enjoyed the show a lot, it wasn’t my favorite but is was fun… until they tried splicing in Armored Fleet… Continue reading Let’s Go, Voltron…