“Werewolf Mask $1.00” now on TeePublic

     Here is a design that I've wanted to recreate for tee-shirts and decals. The Werewolf Mask advertisement is a staple of Bronze age comics.      After I did my first version this design I wanted to do one that was more suitable for darker backgrounds. White wasn't popping enough for me so... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994)

   While the 1994 animated Spider-Man isn't my favorite version of the character, it really encapsulated what it is to be Peter Parker. The stories were solid, even though the designs were simplified for a lower budget animated show. I fired the first episode up this morning and was moved by how well it served... Continue Reading →

Morbius? The Living Vampire? Very cool!

   So #Morbius is happening. Morbius the Living Vampire is actually going to be a thing now. To top that, Jared Leto is going to be playing this villain... no not a villain, more of a tragic character who is brought down by his own desires. There are good scientists and mad ones, Michael Morbius... Continue Reading →

Fandom and Toxicity

   Has fandom become to toxic to just enjoy something that they love? Throwing hissy fits when a story doesn't go their way, taking to the virtual streets with torches and pitchforks when an actor expresses their own opinions about anything, or that it's "OK" to constantly hound a creator until that person finally just... Continue Reading →

What was Your First Comic Book Series?

   To be more detailed, what was your first series that you were aboard on from issue number one? Mini-Series won't count for this one.     After some thought, I thought that The New Teen Titans was my first, but I discovered them in their fourth issue then scrambled to collect the previous three.... Continue Reading →

The Vision by Ron Frenz

   I am still absolutely digging this piece by Ron Frenz. It's inspiring! When I first received the book, How to Draw the Marvel Way, back in 1981, the vision was the very first character that I drew. He is still a favorite of mine to this day, perhaps that is why this image resonates with... Continue Reading →

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