Gallery 2019: Drawings

Updated August 31st...    My ongoing journey to develop my drawing skill. I am making progress, but there are times where it seems like one step forward and three steps back. These are just a few of my highlights.        


1977 ~ 2 Incredible Hulk Tumblers from 7-Eleven

   Just when you decide to trim your collection down by 70% and swear that you won't purchase anything else outside of your focus, you find these. Two Incredible Hulk glass tumblers from 7-Eleven circa 1977. The kicker was what I paid for each... 50¢! There was no way I could pass that up. Let's… Continue reading 1977 ~ 2 Incredible Hulk Tumblers from 7-Eleven

Screening Room

Crisis on Infinite Earths

   I cannot express how much I want to see what the folks over at the CW have instore for us with #Crisis on Infinite Earths. I don't usually get very excited about upcoming events but the scope of each of their #Crossover events has been expanding exponentially over the years and this one is… Continue reading Crisis on Infinite Earths