Things You Didn’t Know About the Superman Cartoon of the 1940’s

   Some of the best animation of its time, these Superman "shorts" are probably more responsible for entrenching the Man of Steel into our collective consciousness than the comic books and radio show combined. I find that a few get a bit long in the tooth due to the constant push for the buying of … Continue reading Things You Didn’t Know About the Superman Cartoon of the 1940’s

The History of Dick Grayson

   I was browsing YouTube for something different and I ran across ItsSuperEffective‘s channel. This guy has some crazy awesome anime hair, and will school you on just about anything comics related. Above is a video of a, near 25 minute, non-stop history of Dick Grayson, the original Robin. From his first appearance to the events … Continue reading The History of Dick Grayson

eBay Tip

   Try to avoid checking out the sorting method “Time Ending Soonest” first in your item searches. You will feel less pressure to bid in haste if you check out the “Newly Listed” items first. Sometimes you can find some great (buy it now) deals that you would normally miss by getting caught up in some emotionally charged, last moment bidding war. You … Continue reading eBay Tip

Happy Anniversary Action Comics!

   Today, Action Comics number one debuted 80 years ago! Action Comics One Thousand hits local comic shops, and millions of nerds will celebrate this milestone. Action Comics, of course, is a Superman vehicle. Superman is the reason that we are all here now. The character was the beginning of the superhero genre in the … Continue reading Happy Anniversary Action Comics!

This just in: Lost in Space is AWESOME!

   Have you heard? Lost in Space is incredibly awesome. Misty and I watched the first episode this evening, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was also an extra treat seeing Billy Mumy in one of the flashback scenes.    There wasn't a moment in this show that didn't have something interesting going on. We are … Continue reading This just in: Lost in Space is AWESOME!