A tale as old as time. Biological-Robot creates art. Biological-Robot drops art and teaches themselves web design in the early 1990s. Biological-Robot rediscovers their love of art in 2018. Biological-Robot needs more coffee to make more art. This site is a culmination of decades of nerdstalgia and collected protoculture, both on and off the internet. We cover a wide range of topics, and love to share our art with others. Welcome to the future, past and present.

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Instagram is a great tool for keeping track of my day-to-day creations, finds and other random fun that I may encounter. I plan on setting up some sort of photo booth to take better pics of the toys and comics that I find for, mostly, resale.



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Doctor Multiverse, a Geek blog that runs on inter-dimensional hamsters, and caffeine. I’ve got the hamsters covered but keeping the caffeine in stock is tough. Thank you ㋛

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