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While this blogs posts only stretch back to 2012, it has been a work in progress since my first website in 1995.

  • Vampirella 1996
    As a passing fan of Vampirella I had no idea as to what to expect from this film. […]
  • Aldis Hodge is Hawkman
    Both Dwayne Johnson and Aldis Hodge confirmed, this evening,that Aldis will be portraying Hawkman is Johnson’s upcoming Black […]
  • Who is the Peacemaker?
    In case you were asking yourself just who this character is that John Cena is going to be […]
  • Digital Drawing: Black Panther
    From rough sketch to finish, this T’Challa was great fun to render. I attempted a few different background […]
  • Fantastic Four (1994) Season Two
    I like most things that I talk about, I really do, and the animated adventures of the Fantastic […]
  • Invincible Guardians of World Freedom
    Back in 1978 Marvel Comics and Mattel joined forces to release “Shogun Warriors”. It seemed like a perfect […]
  • Stargate Atlantis Redux
    So from time to time Mrs. Multiverse and I venture back into the Pegasus galaxy with the international […]
  • Wishlist: S.H. Figuarts Wonder Woman 84
    I am going to make this a new category on my site. When I was a kid during […]
  • Why Do I Even Bother?
    Sometimes I ask myself why I even bother doing this, or anything on the internet. I never come […]