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We are all over the internet, so here is an easy access link hub to navigate to our services on web. Please click-through the following links to choose your destination. Our designs on TeePublic, or our goods on Etsy or Ebay. Head to our homepage for full Multiverse content.

Designs on TeePublic

One of my passions is graphic design and I have over 80 designs in my TeePublic shop! T-Shirts, mugs, stickers, masks, and more.

Vintage Goods on Etsy

If you know me then you know that I LOVE vintage toys, games and comic books. I collect them and I also sell them. Check out my shop and see what we offer.

Listings on Ebay

From time to time we also sell on Ebay. Head over to our Ebay page to view what we are currently auctioning this week.

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Doc’s Caffeine Fund

Doctor Multiverse, a Geek blog that runs on inter-dimensional hamsters, and caffeine. I've got the hamsters covered but keeping the caffeine in stock is tough.