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My Top 10 Non-Xmas Movies to Watch on Xmas

If you have had enough of the holiday season, or you need a respite from the seemingly endless stream of Hallmark flicks, here is a list of movies that could help you out. For me, they have a distinct flavor of the holiday season without being holidayish movies. 10. The Wiz: It feels like a… Continue reading My Top 10 Non-Xmas Movies to Watch on Xmas

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My Favorite Streaming Shows this Year

Contrary to appearances, I enjoy new media as well as old. From both Avatar series and the most awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of 2012 to Filoni's Clone Wars and Rebels, I love great stories. Even when those stories are remakes of childhood favorites. Some of these remakes are far better than any of the… Continue reading My Favorite Streaming Shows this Year

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My 70's Saturday Morning

So, it's Saturday morning and I woke up at 0500 hours. What could I possibly do? Well I could fire up some old School Saturday morning fun. That's exactly what I decided to do. My theme was Live Action programs. I began with "Land of the Lost" and went down the rabbit hole from there.… Continue reading My 70's Saturday Morning

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Jon Pertwee: The 007 of the Time Lords

   It's been a while since I watched some old school Doctor Who. I wanted to toss on some 4th Doctor but I had a second thought... so I started my Tom Baker era with the tale that began his run. While I am not as familiar with Jon Pertwee's Doctor, I do have an… Continue reading Jon Pertwee: The 007 of the Time Lords

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One of Us… Disney Plus

   So I waited for a few days to sign up for Disney Plus. I wanted to let the service shake out a few bugs that I knew would exist. Now I am one of the millions of drones out there. OK, that's a bit dark, but it feels apt.    Now that we are… Continue reading One of Us… Disney Plus