Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Earth Defense Directorate

I wanted to recreate the Earth Defense Directorate armband from 1979's Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. I've alway like the design and how it symbolized unity. Sure it's not very "futuristic" but in the 70's it had a very 80's feel so I'll call that a win.    I may, or may not, turn [...]

Legacy Hero: Ranger Zero

   Back in the mid 2000's, I came up with the concept of a character who handed down the mantle of his identity. The first learned about two legendary heroes, one from Middle Ages France, the other from Feudal Japan. Ranger Zero (one) began a legacy of fighting for the oppressed, downtrodden, and those who [...]

DC / Marvel Mashups: Ben Reilly, the Blue Beetle

   Before we had the awesome Jaime Reyes take up the mantle of the Blue Beetle, I had an idea for a Marvel / DC crossover.    In my version I had envisioned that Peter Parker’s clone, Ben Reilly, instead of dying, would have been presumed dead after an apparent self-sacrifice to save New York. [...]

Nerdy Decoupage Project

Nerdy Decoupage Project

   Misty, and I, had some old comics that were more fit for recycling than collecting. We then recently discovered Jennifer Landa’s, of the Force Center Podcast, decoupage video on YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqe2-hndN8I, and it inspired us. I found some old comic book advertisements in some 1978 comics, placed them on a an 8×10 mini mounted canvas and [...]