Shogun Warriors: Raydeen

   This last week I received one of my childhood toys in the mail. It was the 24" tall Mattel Shogun Warriors Raydeen. The proper spelling, from the animated show, is Raideen and that is how I'll be referring to the figure. I couldn't believe the condition that it was in. There are more than... Continue Reading →

Venger Statue by Pop Culture Shock

Dungeons and Dragons: Venger, Dungeons and Dragons Statue    Dungeons and Dragons was a well written and nicely animated program that ran from 1983 through 1985. While I had the first Basic Edition set of the TSR game, I never could find anybody to play with. This show was the next best thing, at least... Continue Reading →

What’s it worth?

   I hear and read those words far too often. Next to the over used “RARE” attached to everything on eBay, the phrase “What’s it worth?” is my number two pet peeve of collecting. Over the years, I have collected, sold, re-bought, flipped, and re-re-bought so many things. People would ask me how much something they... Continue Reading →

eBay Tip

   Try to avoid checking out the sorting method “Time Ending Soonest” first in your item searches. You will feel less pressure to bid in haste if you check out the “Newly Listed” items first. Sometimes you can find some great (buy it now) deals that you would normally miss by getting caught up in some emotionally charged, last moment bidding war. You... Continue Reading →

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