Mail Call… Mego Micronauts

   This week I received some great pieces in the mail. 1977 Mego Micronauts Force Commander and his mount, Oberon. These are pieces that I never owned as a child. They are missing a few parts but I am always down to hunt for bits-n-bobs.    One of my favorite things about these two is… Continue reading Mail Call… Mego Micronauts

Doc, Screening Room

One of Us… Disney Plus

   So I waited for a few days to sign up for Disney Plus. I wanted to let the service shake out a few bugs that I knew would exist. Now I am one of the millions of drones out there. OK, that's a bit dark, but it feels apt.    Now that we are… Continue reading One of Us… Disney Plus


Vintage Collection: Ultraman | ウルトラマン Family Poster Set (circa 1970’s)

   Back in the early 80’s, 1981-ish, I had a friend who let me borrow this awesome poster set while he borrowed a prized comic book of mine. It was a Captain America that I had picked up from 7-11 the week before. It was drawn by one of my favorite artists, John Byrne. Many… Continue reading Vintage Collection: Ultraman | ウルトラマン Family Poster Set (circa 1970’s)


A Light Toy Haul from Late October

   I missed sharing these from a few weeks ago. I found them all at the same vendor, and paid a dollar each. I probably could have done without the Hulk from the 90's, he looks like a pencil topper. The female toy is a non-articulated hollow piece of plastic, but she looked interesting. The… Continue reading A Light Toy Haul from Late October


Recent Sales at the Multiverse Market

   Recently I made the decision to pair down my collection. I went through a process of things that I really want to keep, for the time being and things that I need to flip. The decision was tough. In that pile of items to flip, there are three sub-piles. Those sub-piles are "Sell online",… Continue reading Recent Sales at the Multiverse Market