New This Week: Two Vintage Finds

This week… I found two great items… I found two pieces that I plan on holding onto. The first was at a local second-hand shop, a 1976 Waterful Ring-Toss game by Tomy. It was in near perfect condition but while Mrs. Multiverse was helping me remove the top plug, it pretty much disintegrated. Spilt milk […]

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Conceptual Thoughts: Avengers, Ladies’ Night

Over on Variety, Brie Larson speaks about her, and many others desire for an all female Avengers adventure. My take for this could be the classic “Girls Night Out” scenario. It’s a classic trope in comics, and some animated series. It’s a concept that works. Otherwise you have two other options, the males have all […]

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Quick Thoughts: The Batwoman Pilot on the CW

   We watched the pilot episode last night on the CW app, and I was really enjoying the show. Her origin is solid, and having her being related to Bruce Wayne really works. Having seen the crossover event last year, I know she’ll be getting her comic book style more with the red hair eventually. […]

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