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Rewatch: Legends of Tomorrow

   I've been a fan of Legends of Tomorrow since it first aired. It was unique and quirky, in other words it shouldn't have ever existed. Fortunately there are execs at the CW who apparently are into taking chances. After all of these seasons Legends come and Legends go, and a few have made the… Continue reading Rewatch: Legends of Tomorrow

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Bye Bye Binge Watching

[edit] It was pointed out that Netflix is only starting with one show as a weekly release. This will be done as an experiment. Short of dropping prices, which I am confident that they will not/can not do, releasing all of their new content weekly is the one easy answer to keep subscribers coming back… Continue reading Bye Bye Binge Watching

Certain Point of View

A New Appreciation for Hawkeye

   In the comics, Hawkeye was never a favorite character. He was always a Green Arrow analog to me. His one interesting feature was that he started out as a villain.    Due to my aversion to large crowds, and poor timing, I have only just recently watched Avengers: Endgame. I was blown away by… Continue reading A New Appreciation for Hawkeye


Long before Mera, there was Namora of Atlantis

   This is a piece that I have been refining since last Thursday. Namora went from a rough sketch break, to a larger piece then I started over on to this one. In this case, I went too far. Too much ink and too much whiteout. She looks a lot better in this flash photo… Continue reading Long before Mera, there was Namora of Atlantis


My Top 5 Sega Genesis Games

   I didn't have a whole slew of games for my Sega Genesis in the early 1990's but the ones that I did have, I loved. When I wasn't drawing, I was playing my Sega. There were quite a few "bargain bin" buys I made for games but they were in the bin to begin… Continue reading My Top 5 Sega Genesis Games