The Jaguar Legacy

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Way back in the ancient days of 1961, Archie premiered a hero named the Jaguar. The Jaguar was a superhero published by Archie Comics. He was created by writer Robert Bernstein and artist John Rosenberger as part of Archie’s “Archie Adventure Series”.

Ralph Hardy was a zoologist who loved exploring ancient ruins. One day, he was in Peru with some other archaeologists when a huge snake came out of the ground and scared everyone away. Ralph followed a rare white jaguar into an old temple and saw some paintings on the wall. They showed how the Incas fought the same snake with the help of a magic belt. The belt had a golden buckle with a winged jaguar on it and a message on the back: “If you care about animals, you can wear this belt and become a human Jaguar”. Ralph put on the belt and felt a sudden change.

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Thirty years later, in 1991, a new version of the character was released under the Impact imprint. This was a new era with an all-new, all-different Jaguar.

Maria DeGuzman was a college student from Rio de Janeiro who came to the US to study. She had a special gift that she inherited from her aunt: she could transform into a fierce, feline-like creature. She used her powers to fight evil and joined a team of superheroes called “The Crusaders”. She also fell in love with one of her teammates, the Fly.

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