Halloween with the New Addams Family

In October 1977, we were treated to a fun little Halloween special, Halloween with the New Addams Family.

The Halloween with the New Addams Family is a TV movie that aired on NBC in 1977. It was a reunion of the original cast of the popular sitcom The Addams Family, which ran from 1964 to 1966. The movie follows the spooky and kooky family as they celebrate their favorite holiday, Halloween, in their own unique way.

The plot involves Gomez’s brother Pancho, who is staying with the family while Gomez attends a lodge convention in Tombstone, Arizona. Pancho has a crush on Morticia, which makes Gomez jealous. Meanwhile, a gang of crooks led by Bones Lafferty plans to rob the Addams family fortune by bugging their house and sending impostors to pose as Gomez and Morticia. The crooks also have to deal with the strange and scary creatures that live in the Addams mansion, such as Kitty Kat the lion, Cousin Itt, and Thing.

The movie features many of the original actors from the sitcom, including John Astin as Gomez, Carolyn Jones as Morticia, Jackie Coogan as Uncle Fester, Ted Cassidy as Lurch, Lisa Loring as Wednesday Sr., Ken Weatherwax as Pugsley Sr., and Felix Silla as Cousin Itt. The movie also introduces new characters, such as Henry Darrow as Pancho, Jane Rose as Grandmama Addams, Elvia Allman as Mother Frump, and Vito Scotti as Mikey the crook.

The Halloween with the New Addams Family is a fun and nostalgic tribute to the classic TV show. It has plenty of humor, horror, and weirdness that fans of the Addams family will enjoy. The movie also showcases the chemistry and charm of the original cast, who reprised their roles in color for the first time. The movie is a rare gem that can be found online or on DVD for those who want to relive the creepy and kooky adventures of the Addams family.

I am not sure why the “New” was added to the title, but most of the cast returned for this special, even the kids.


Join in the fun and give it a watch. Cousin IT is waiting to welcome you.

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