Having a Great Time on Bluesky

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Having a Great Time on Bluesky

This is going on my second month on Bluesky and so far so good. I’m enjoying my time there and the connections that I am making. I pretty much follow most accounts back, with few exceptions and as far as blocked accounts, I’ve only pre-emptively blocked a few for questionable ideals.

When Twitter came on the scene, I was an early adopter in 2009. I was pretty bummed when a tech-bro bought it, so he could have “free-speech” along with all who tote his line. Anyhow, he’s a bad bloke and I have no desire to enrich him with ad revenue. Same with some of the other socials… I just don’t want to be a part of the problem, and a huge user base is a part of the problem.

While, I am unsure as to when Bluesky will become open to the public. I get one invite code from time to time. Plus, who knows when the platform will become too unwieldy and corrupted. Until then, I’ll enjoy my mellow time there.

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