I’m Not on a Break…

Workers Rights T-Shirt - We Are Not Automatons by Doctor Multiverse Designs
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Workers Rights T-Shirt - Worker's Fate (dark) by Doctor Multiverse Designs
Unions T-Shirt - Unions Work 3.0 by Doctor Multiverse Designs

I have had no desire to draw for about a week now. It’s also been a while since I’ve had anything to blog about. Most of my blog posts have been written weeks before they are published. My merch designs on TeePublic have been sporadic but I am coming up with new designs every few days.

It could be that I’ve been focusing more on Wing Chun Kung Fu and coming up with a lesson plan for my upcoming return to a local training collective. While I have been putting a lot of time and effort into this, I don’t think that’s the entire reason for my lack of interest in my other favorite things to do.

Having been diagnosed with clinical depression, I have been managing my issues with medication, meditation, and recognizing spirals when they just begin. I am not convinced that this is a mood thing either.

No, I’m not on a break, but I am waiting for something to spark my curiosity or become my muse of the moment. My previous effort to post something every single day, which lasted for over a year, burned me out and I am still feeling the effects of that. I was in “Hustle” mode, and that is not the healthiest way of living. Right now, I am getting into “Slow Living” and avoiding that “FOMO” of not striking while the iron is hot just to capitalize on an opportunity. Struggling to be seen or maximize “mindshare” isn’t my thing anymore.

I’m still active, even though I may not be putting out articles, or pop-art pieces. While my output will be less, what I do produce will be even more special and creative and far less “just content”. Right now, I am very content to not feed the machine with a simple stream of content 😉

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