My Top Ten Comic Book Movies

This is my top ten list of Comic Book movies. If my choices or opinions infuriate you… seek help. My list, my likes, my rules. Feel free to list yours, I’d love to hear other people’s choices. My only criteria is that it was a comic book character in a movie.

My Top Ten Comic Book Movies
  • Batman

Batman lives rent free in my brain. At nineteen, I was held by the grip of Batmania. I was drawing Batman, reading Batman, eating a ton of Taco Bell because of Batman, and trying to train like Batman. It was an insane time to be a fan. It was a heck of a way to close out the 80s. Seeing Keaton reprise the role this year was a pleasure and I enjoyed what he brought to the table. If he never dons the cowl again, I am perfectly content with the three appearances we have.

My Top Ten Comic Book Movies
  • Blade

I came to Blade a bit late. It had come out on home video, and when I saw it at a friend’s house, I was hooked for life! From the Hip-Hop and rave soundtrack to the explosive choreography, this film can skate up an ice wall. It falls apart when the “blood god” effect comes in during the finally, but perhaps one day that can be fixed in post – post 😉

My Top Ten Comic Book Movies
  • The Shadow

When this film came out, I had just moved to Seattle. I can remember going to the movies five days in a row to watch this one. I am a fan of period pieces, and this one hit that spot for me. I had listened to the Shadow radio plays when I was younger, and had read a few comics with the hero, but he was just an oddity. This film made him come to life for me, and I love it.

My Top Ten Comic Book Movies
  • The Phantom

Along the same lines as the Shadow, the Phantom hit that sweet spot of a period piece for me. I thought that Billy Zane made a great Superhero, and the late Treat Williams was a perfect villain. The story felt fantastical, just like an old comic book. This one is a go-to on a grey, rainy day.

My Top Ten Comic Book Movies
  • Captain America: The First Avenger

I was delighted see this movie in the theater. Not something that I do anymore. It was a great ride. Cap and Batman are my two favorite characters from each company. The First Avenger has got to be the BEST origin movie. I don’t feel like there were a ton of changes to the origin. It’s just more fleshed out. Making Bucky a contemporary of Steve was a stroke of genius. Having Bucky be a kid “mascot” just wouldn’t fly.

My Top Ten Comic Book Movies
  • Black Panther

Black Panther was a movie that was a long time coming. Making a film that made you root for the good guy but sympathize with the antagonist was a perfect canvas to start with. When you watch this film, you get the sense that Wakanda has actual cultural depth and that serves to keep you engaged in every scene.

My Top Ten Comic Book Movies
  • Iron Man

While Nolan’s Batman was already on the second offering, I consider Iron Man to have really kicked off the Comic Book Movie Boom. RDJ was the perfect choice for Iron Man, and you can tell that a lot of care was put into the crafting of this one.

My Top Ten Comic Book Movies
  • Captain America: Winter Soldier

Yep, Cap owns to slots on this list. The Winter Soldier is my ideal Spy-Fi cinematic experience. The characters of Steve and Natasha get fleshed out, plus the introduction of Sam Wilson is perfect.

My Top Ten Comic Book Movies
  • Wonder Woman

This was another film that I had been waiting for. It was so well done! Although they shifted from the second world war to the first, it seemed to serve the story. I know they didn’t want direct comparisons with Captain America, but I think it would have been fine to have been set in WW2. Gal is great in this role. She plays the fish out of water role perfectly. Ever since Lynda Carter, I’ve adored Wonder Woman, and this is a great addition to the mythos.

My Top Ten Comic Book Movies
  • Superman

As far as modern comic films go, I consider this one the first. It places our protagonist in a realistic world which makes him even more special. Chris truly embodied the spirit of the blue boy scout. He was a strong man who exuded kindness and really captured the feeling of HOPE. He is still my Superman.

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There are a few others I would love to have in my top ten, but it’s top ten for a reason. If I was to do fifteen, I would include X-Men, Spider-Man 2, Dick Tracy, Ant-Man, and Old Guard.

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