The Problem with the Fantastic Four in the MCU

I know that the MCU isn’t a direct reflection of comics, but Marvel’s “First Family” being presented next to last is a difficult concept for me to wrap my head around. I feel like bringing them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a current event would be a mistake. The four should be an already established yet forgotten team from the 1960s. A footnote.

The Problem with the Fantastic Four in the MCU

Hear me out.

Having the quartet being thrust forward in time from some sort of accident would make them fresh and relevant. As an advanced scientist and visionary, Reed would be less likely to be bothered by the time adjustment, but the “Man out of his time” trope would still have a ton of play with the other three. At least with Ben and Sue. Not only would Ben still be grappling with his condition, but also the new attitudes along with the same old attitudes that we should have grown beyond by this point. Sue could begin her journey as the Invisible Girl, but after being derided by much of society, she changes her moniker to the Invisible Woman. Johnny might just be more accepting of the fashion, music and the freedom that youth experiences now more than ever.

The Problem with the Fantastic Four in the MCU

This could be a great time to introduce the Negative Zone, and tying that into a warping of time, or something that Kang in one of his other guises manipulates them into the future. Perhaps as Immortus? With Mavel’s use of alternate dimensions, time travel, magic and cosmic level manipulations, the sky would be the limit for a thrilling Sci-Fi adventure.

As a group young, contemporary heroes, I just don’t think they would carry the same weight or have the gravitas as a seasoned family. Even if in their real timeline, they’ve only been Fantastic for six months or so, the time shift with Reed’s intellect, would give them that sense of being the First Family.

Enter Doom. A quiet dictator of Latveria. The small country that flies under the radar. The return of Victor’s one time rival awakens the sleeping giant. Doom is almost just a legend. Someone not spoken of. The country of Latveria is a utopia, with no want, need nor crime. The people are happy and live to improve themselves through arts and sciences. Robots patrol the land and keep the peace. Unknown to the world is that this Doom, is an artificial lifeform. An android powered by mystical energy and housing the consciousness of Victor Von Doom. Doom had become his best self, until he sees the news… Reed Richards is back, and that small spark of jealousy and anger is rekindled. Doctor Doom rises again.

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