Dwayne Johnson Reflects on the Failure of Black Adam

Recently, Dwayne Johnson sat down and spoke with longtime friend, Kevin Hart. He touched a bit on how Covid affected the filming of the movie, but I am sure that it affected the other end. The issue is nuanced, but here is my take. People, such as myself, don’t want to expose myself to pathogens in an enclosed area, trusting that my fellow theater goer will stay at home if they are not feeling well. Next, the lockdown gave a lot of us the ability to create our own safe entertainment spaces. My television saw a major upgrade in size and quality, and my media library exploded.

I enjoyed Black Adam, and it looked great playing on my home theater.

For me, it’s a simple choice to NOT go to the theater. I can eat my own snacks, pause when needed and just be relaxed in my own space. This isn’t everybody, I am cool with that but eventually theaters will be virtual, and premiers will be streamed. Until then, Hollywood will continue to wonder why the numbers for “no brainer hits” will be lower than they would have been pre-pandemic. With outliers such as the new hit film, Barbie, we’ll see more films of that ilk until that formula is ridden till it’s dead too.

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  1. For me it was the story. I spent the majority of the pandemic in an array of emotional negativity. I did not want to see an angry super hero much less an antihero villain focused film. I eventually watched it recently and I’m glad I waited. The story could have been executed better.

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