Doctor Mordrid: The Forgotten Superhero Film

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If you are a fan of superhero movies, you might have heard of Doctor Strange, the Marvel character who uses magic to fight evil. But did you know that there was another movie about a similar character that came out in 1992? It was called Doctor Mordrid, and it starred Jeffrey Combs as a wizard who battles a demonic sorcerer named Kabal. Now, it’s been a minute since I’ve watched this one. After my post about the 1978 Dr. Strange television movie fellow blogger, Firewater suggested that I should watch this one. Since it’s been a while, I just did a rewatch and I am ready to dig in.

Doctor Mordrid was originally intended to be a Doctor Strange adaptation, but the rights expired before the film was made. The filmmakers decided to change some names and details but keep the basic premise of a mystical hero who protects Earth from supernatural threats. The result was a low budget but entertaining film that has gained a cult following over the years.

The film follows Anton Mordrid (Combs), who lives in a New York apartment filled with occult artifacts and books. He is secretly a wizard sent by a being called the Monitor to stop Kabal (Brian Thompson), who wants to open a gate to Hell and unleash his minions. Mordrid has been waiting for 150 years for Kabal to show up, and he has assumed the role of a criminal psychologist to blend in.

Mordrid’s neighbor is Samantha Hunt (Yvette Nipar), a research consultant for the police who is curious about his mysterious life. She becomes involved in his mission when she witnesses him using magic to stop a robbery. Mordrid reveals his true nature and his purpose to her, and she agrees to help him.

The film culminates in a showdown between Mordrid and Kabal at the Cosmopolitan Museum, where Kabal has stolen the Philosopher’s Stone and several alchemical elements to complete his ritual. Kabal animates a Tyrannosaurus skeleton to attack Mordrid and the police, while Mordrid counters with an American Mastodon skeleton. Mordrid manages to kill Kabal by impaling him on the mastodon’s tusk, and closes the gate to Hell.

Doctor Mordrid is not a masterpiece of cinema, but it is a fun and cheesy film that showcases Combs’ charisma and charm as the titular hero. The film has some creative effects and sets, especially for its low budget. The film also has some humor and romance, as well as some references to other works of fantasy and horror.

If you are looking for a hidden gem of superhero cinema, you might want to check out Doctor Mordrid. It is available on DVD and streaming platforms, and it has been featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000. You might be surprised by how much you enjoy this forgotten film from 1992.

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