Everything Old is a Comic Again: ROM & Micronauts are Back?

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So, Hasbro and Marvel are teaming up to bring us both ROM: The Space Knight and The Micronauts in omnibus formats next year. It’s been over thirty-five years since these titles were published and I find the timing to be a bit late. Sure, I’ve heard rumors for years about Micronauts projects, and even a fully animated project in the can but sealed for tax write-off purposes, but there hasn’t been anything tangible to hang your hat on.

Back in the 70s, ROM was owned by Parker Brothers and Mego Corp. owned the Micronauts. Both licensed their properties to Marvel for a comic book series. Of the two, Micronauts was my jam. Now, Hasbro owns them both and many more properties. Who knows what they’ll want to trot out next.

I am attempting to figure out why. Why are they trying to revive these properties? Why now? The iron is cold, and basically the only folks buzzing about this on social media are those who used to read the books when they first came out. Within the corporate mindset, without cross-selling there is no point in doing anything. So, what are they brewing? A film? Television? Animation? A new toy line, even though kids are less interested in toys these days. Apps, or some platform games?

The only plus side for any reprints, or expansion into other media is that some of the old creators that are still with us will get some more money for their work… at least I hope so. I have a low opinion of the wealthy and their corporations. We shall see.

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