Thought Bubbles: Wonder Woman #800 Introduces Diana’s Daughter, Trinity, in Exciting New Storyline

Wonder Woman #800 Introduces Diana's Daughter, Trinity, in Exciting New Storyline

In the highly anticipated issue of Wonder Woman #800, a groundbreaking development takes place as Diana, the iconic superhero, introduces her daughter, Trinity, to the DC Comics universe. Trinity, an Amazonian warrior like her mother, joins forces with Wonder Woman to defend the world from formidable adversaries. This milestone installment of Wonder Woman promises to explore the intricate dynamics between Diana and Trinity, unveiling a new chapter in the superhero’s enduring legacy.

My first question I thought was, “Who’s the father”? Then I quickly took a step back and didn’t care. It doesn’t matter. Perhaps there is no father. I feel like the whole question of paternity is an archaic notion use is a lazy plot device for a television program from the 1900’s. So, if the writer chooses to make it a part of Trinity’s story, then cool but I shouldn’t assume that it has any importance to it.

Let’s not forget the daughter of Earth-2’s Wonder Woman, Fury (Hippolyta Trevor) of Infinity Inc.

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