Jump Gate Activated: Babylon 5 Animated Movie Enroute

A โ€œBabylon 5โ€ animated movie is in the works from original series creator J. Michael Straczynski.

Earlier this morning, J. Michael Straczynski tweeted something wonderful. News about a new Babylon 5 project that is coming soon. We only know that it is animated and completed. JMS was adamant about the fact that it was a completed project and that it wasn’t just another bit of news about an upcoming project that would be doomed to not seeing the light of day.

I have questions. SO many questions. I wonder what time frames it will be set in? With so many of the original actors having gone beyond the rim, who will it focus on? What style of animation will it be, CG, traditional, a mix of both?

Time will tell.

No matter what, I am here for it.

Warner Bros. Television produced the initial “Babylon 5” series, which aired for five seasons, comprising 110 episodes and seven television films, including the pilot film in 1993. Regarded as one of the most exceptional science fiction shows by many reviewers, the program garnered various awards, including two Hugo Awards and a Saturn Award.

Entil’Zha veni! In Valen’s Name…

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