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kung fu t-shirts
kung fu t-shirts

So, I’ve ended my Social Media prohibition. It was a two-fold decision end my accounts on multiple platforms. One, self-care. I felt overwhelmed by so many feeds to update, keep up with and grow. It had become a chore, and with more divisive people in charge of some of the platforms, it felt like a good idea to make a tactical retreat. The second reason was an experiment of sorts. I wanted to gauge how my site engagement would do if I only used Tumblr and LinkedIn. While my numbers of visitors were consistent, they were running a bit flat. After a few months I decided to reemerge on Facebook (the site’s page, not my personal account), my visits received a huge bump. Now I am back in the social game. Since I fully deleted my Twitter account, I’ve had to start from a zero point, and that’s ok with me… no regrets there.

It was a pleasant break, and since I only use my accounts for site business, it feels like it’s just a part of my daily routine. No getting caught up in drama, or doom scrolling for me. I post, engage and fade without a second thought. If you want to keep up with the goings on around here, hit me up on one of the sites bellow, or all of them… whatever keeps your starship at warp speed.

CBR couldn’t be bothered to find an older appearance of “Tarantula”, so I did.
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