The Road to Amalgam Comics: A Look Back at DC and Marvel’s Mid-90s Imprint

DC and Marvel are the two biggest comic book publishers in the industry, and both have been creating iconic characters and stories for decades. In the mid-90s, the two publishers decided to join forces to create a new imprint called Amalgam Comics.

The idea behind Amalgam Comics was to combine characters from both DC and Marvel universes to create new and unique heroes and villains. The resulting characters were often a combination of two existing characters, with their powers, personalities, and histories blended together in interesting ways.

The road to Amalgam Comics started with a series of crossovers between DC and Marvel in the early 90s. These crossovers, which included titles like “The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans” and “Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man,” were hugely popular with fans and showed that there was a demand for seeing these characters interact with each other.

In 1995, DC and Marvel announced that they were going to take things to the next level with Amalgam Comics. The imprint launched with 12 one-shot titles, each featuring a different Amalgam character. Some of the most notable titles included “Dark Claw,” a combination of Batman and Wolverine, and “Super-Soldier,” a combination of Superman and Captain America.

While Amalgam Comics was only around for a brief period, it left a lasting impact on the industry. The characters created for the imprint were unique and memorable, and they showed that there was a lot of potential in the idea of combining characters from different universes. Many of the concepts introduced in Amalgam Comics have been revisited in later years, both within and outside of the DC and Marvel universes.

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