The Jedi-Bendu were an ancient order of warriors and scholars who lived thousands of years before the events depicted in the Star Wars films. According to legends, they were founded on the planet Tython, which was located in the Deep Core of the galaxy. The Jedi-Bendu believed in the Force, a mystical energy field that pervades the universe and binds all living things together. They saw the Force as a means of understanding and controlling the universe, and they believed that they could use it to achieve enlightenment and inner peace.

The Jedi-Bendu were not only warriors, but also scholars, diplomats, and healers. They trained in a variety of disciplines, including philosophy, meditation, and combat, and they saw themselves as guardians of the peace and justice in the galaxy. They were also deeply committed to the principle of selflessness, and they believed that they should use their skills and knowledge to serve others.

Over time, the Jedi-Bendu became known simply as Jedi, and their beliefs and practices evolved. The Jedi Order that we see in the Star Wars films is a much different organization than the Jedi-Bendu of old. While the Jedi Order still believed in the Force, their approach to the Force was more practical and utilitarian than that of the Jedi-Bendu. They saw the Force as a means of achieving their goals, whether that meant defeating their enemies or protecting the innocent.

The Jedi Order also placed greater emphasis on combat training and less on scholarship and diplomacy than the Jedi-Bendu. While the Jedi Order still saw themselves as guardians of the peace and justice in the galaxy, their focus was often more on defeating their enemies than on serving others.

Despite these differences, the Jedi-Bendu and the Jedi Order share many similarities. Both orders believed in the power of the Force and the importance of using that power to serve others. Both orders also saw themselves as guardians of the peace and justice in the galaxy, and they were willing to risk their own lives to protect others. Ultimately, the Jedi Order can be seen as a continuation of the Jedi-Bendu, even as it evolved over time to meet the changing needs of the galaxy.

George Lucas initially conceived of the Jedi-Bendu during the development of the Star Wars story in the 1970s. In the early drafts of the screenplay, the Jedi-Bendu were depicted as the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy who were responsible for defeating the evil Empire. Lucas drew inspiration for the Jedi-Bendu from a variety of sources, including Japanese samurai, medieval knights, and the works of Joseph Campbell, a scholar of mythology.

However, as the Star Wars story evolved, Lucas made several changes to the concept of the Jedi-Bendu. He streamlined the story and eliminated many of the more complex elements, including the concept of the Jedi-Bendu. Instead, he decided to focus on the simpler idea of the Jedi, who were still warriors and scholars who used the Force to fight for peace and justice in the galaxy.

There were several reasons why Lucas decided to pivot from the Jedi-Bendu to the Jedi. One reason was that he wanted to simplify the story and make it more accessible to a wider audience. The concept of the Jedi-Bendu was complex and difficult to explain, and Lucas felt that it might be confusing for viewers.

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