🌩️MAZAHS! The Secret Life of C.C. Beck: Scientist by Day, Superhero by Equation

The Secret Life of C.C. Beck: Scientist by Day, Superhero by Equation

Cory Caroline Beck was a respected scientist, but she had a secret identity. Whenever she solved a specific meta-mathematical equation, she transformed into her adolescent alter-ego, MAZAHS. Despite appearing younger in her superhero form, MAZAHS possessed incredible strength and the ability to manipulate matter.

One day, C.C. received a distress call from a young girl who had also discovered the meta-mathematical equation. MAZAHS flew to the girl’s aid and helped her understand the solution, using her powers to lift her up and show her the answer. C.C. knew that her true power came from helping others, and she was grateful for the opportunity to do so as MAZAHS.

Although C.C. kept her secret identity hidden, she was proud of the difference she made as MAZAHS. With her scientific knowledge and superhuman abilities, she knew she could help others and make the world a better place.

In the end, C.C. realized that being a superhero wasn’t just about having extraordinary powers – it was about using those powers to help others. As MAZAHS, she was able to do just that, and she would continue to do so for as long as she could.


M – Marie Curie

A – Albert Einstein

Z – Zhang Heng

A – Archimedes

H – Stephen Hawking

S – Erwin Schrödinger

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