Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot

“Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot” is a Japanese television series that first aired in Japan in 1967. The show tells the story of Johnny Sokko, a young boy who becomes the controller of a giant flying robot named Giant Robo.

In the show, Johnny works for the Unicorn organization, which is a secret government agency that fights against evil forces. Giant Robo is the agency’s ultimate weapon and is used to battle against monsters and other villains that threaten the safety of the world.

The show was popular in Japan and was later dubbed into English and aired in the United States. It is remembered as a classic example of Japanese tokusatsu (special effects) television and has influenced many similar shows and movies over the years. To my toddler memories, I will always also know this show by a different title… “Bucket-Head Ultraman”.


  1. When I was a little kid the feature movie “Giant Robot” was the Holy Grail of sci-fi films I could see on TV. I only was lucky enough to see parts, and years apart.

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