Spock’s World

The Star Trek novel “Spock’s World” by Diane Duane explores the history and evolution of Vulcans, one of the most prominent alien races in the Star Trek universe. The novel provides a detailed account of the Vulcan society and culture, as well as their unique physiology and psychology.

The novel depicts the Vulcans as a highly logical and intellectual species, with a strong emphasis on suppressing emotions in favor of reason and rationality. This trait is explained as a result of the Vulcans’ history of violence and aggression, which almost led to their extinction. In order to survive, the Vulcans had to learn to control their emotions and adopt a more peaceful way of life.

The novel also explores the concept of the “Vulcan mind meld,” a telepathic technique used by Vulcans to share thoughts and memories. This ability is depicted as a key component of Vulcan culture and society, allowing for a deep understanding and connection between individuals.

As the story unfolds, the novel delves into the history of Vulcan, including the development of the Vulcan language and the evolution of their technology. The book also introduces a number of Vulcan characters, including Spock, who is portrayed as a complex and multi-faceted individual struggling with his dual identity as both Vulcan and human.

“Spock’s World” provides a fascinating insight into the evolution of Vulcans, their unique culture and society, and the impact of their history on their way of life. It remains a popular and influential work of Star Trek fiction and is regarded as a must-read for fans of the franchise.

The Audio book is a mixed bag. After I originally read the novel in 1988, I was excited to purchase my first audiobook on tape. When I received the parcel and listened to the first tape my ears were treated to the dulcet tones of George Takei’s voice narration, with Leonard Nimoy reading the parts that were written for Spock. The downside was that only half of the novel was read. The really cool parts were left out. I wanted the whole thing, but the parts detailing Vulcan history was removed.

I can highly recommend reading this one, it has all of the charm of the original series with higher stakes.

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