Less is More

I didn’t set out to reduce the amount of stuff I own, but in 2020 the die was cast. This brought me to where I am now, in 2023… I have far too much still. I am still selling off my collection of toys and soon my comics, and now I am reducing my media library.

I have a plex server with a metric frak-ton of movies, television series, music videos, audio files, and cartoon shorts. While I am still in the midst of reducing my files, I felt compelled to write about it. My goal is to only have items that Mrs. Multiverse and I will watch over and over. At one point of searching for something to watch I noticed that I was searching through about five thousand movies. Yes. Five THOUSAND. The funny thing is that chose something that we’ve seen a dozen times before.

So, it would seem that I am a digital hoarder. Yeah. I mean, I have plenty of drive space. I also had over five hundred television series. It was all just too much. I would collect horror, sci-fi and fantasy stuff just because. Regardless of whether or not I found it interesting or even watchable. This probably stems from growing up as a collector.

Well, now I am finished collecting everything under the sun. Now I am going for quality over quantity. The films are down to twelve hundred, with a goal of under one thousand films and my television shows are down to three hundred and fifty series.

I am finding that the more I cull, the more I question my intentions, but I just need to stick with the plan and see it all the wat through. This is the year where I break with a lot of my old collecting habits and travel a bit lighter.


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