Babylon 5: An Ongoing Love Affair

I won’t be writing about a specific character, plotline, nor episode, no… I am here just to attempt to put my love of this once and future show called Babylon 5. Shockingly, I don’t mention this series much on this blog. Babylon 5 is an entertainment staple in our household. Mrs. Multiverse hadn’t seen it when I introduced it to her in 2009. Since then, we’ve watched the entire series multiple times a year. It’s a timeless tale of a U.N. style space station orbiting a mysterious planet in the year 2257. There was a lot of story evolution in the beginning, and some major character development and design changes. Every character you see in the photo above has a fascinating story to tell. For some reason, real world fate has been tough on the cast. Out of the twelve actors above, only six remain… at the time of this post. All gone far too young. The original captain of the station, played by Michael O’Hare also has passed away.

The first season is a bit of a slog at times, but it has flashes of brilliance, and establishes what is to come. J. Michael Straczynski, the writer and creator of the franchise, is an obvious fan of Tolkien and Arthurian legend and I am always here for it. From Knights, to Rangers, with Technology based Wizards, and Dark forces in between, B5 has it all. The character development is timeless, and chemistry of the actors is wonderful. If I was forced to choose between all of the Treks or just Babylon 5, it would be B5 every time; no matter how much I adore Star Trek, the story of B5 is just that much better.

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