From the Old Saturday Matinees: Captain Republic

Sol Goldman A.K.A. Captain Republic… Defender of the “Little Guy”
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Stemming from the old Republic Pictures’ serial, Captain America, Captain Republic was born of that characterization of Cap. Everything that made Captain America “Cap” was stripped away and we were left with an everyman character who brandished a gun to fight opposing forces. It’s rather lack luster, yet I liked that they chose to go with their own version of a character that they should have just made entirely original. The name is an homage to Republic.

My version of the character has no superpowers, no wealth, just a passion to stand up against corruption dished out by dishonest landlords, greedy factory owners, Klansmen and bribe taking officials. He uses two .45 caliber colt 1911 pistols, is a competent boxer and a wrestler. From time to time, he finds that his goals align with organized criminals, and he will work with them, but he will not hesitate to take them down for crossing the line as well. When the second world war breaks out, he becomes an unofficial spy smasher who gathers intel and leaks it to the allies.

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