When I watch movies, I don’t expect anything more than to be entertained. Expecting some life altering experience, or an Oscar worthy work of art isn’t on my radar. Nor do I judge the merits of a book or game to film on how exact it adheres to the source material. No… I just want to unplug and have fun. I used to care about some of those things in the past, but no longer. Now I celebrate the differences between the X-Men comics and the X-Men movie. Back in the day I was pretty insufferable about my dislike of the un-sameness of the two. Yeah, I was one of those snobby nerds. Until I woke up and decided to embrace the concept of the Multiverse and enjoy everything for what it was, and if I didn’t like a thing, I wouldn’t talk about it. Well… trivial things that don’t have a social or political impact. Those things I’ll openly speak about when I am needed to.

This brings us to Shazam. Both my spouse and I really enjoyed the first one and have watched it a few times. This looks like that but cranked up to eleven! I am sure there are some purists out there who will find a long list of things to crap on, but this trailer is telling me that for roughly two hours we shall be entertained. What more can I ask. I mean other than calling the character Captain Marvel… I do miss that aspect 😉


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