Latitude Zero

While this is a movie that I had seen, it was as a young child, and it almost felt as if it was a fever-dream. It wasn’t until an offhand comment on a YouTube video that I realized that this was indeed a real movie that I needed to rewatch ASAP. We live in a wonderful time, because not even ten minutes later, I had a copy ready to play for our afternoon movie. I was cheesy, full of bad acting, visible strings on miniatures, and a crazy kaiju. Long story short… I LOVED IT! It won’t be for everyone, but it is a fun watch. Bellow I’ve posted Brandon Tenold’s review of the film, then from the Internet Archive, the film itself. Judge for yourself.

Brandon’s Cult Movie Reviews: Latitude Zero (REUPLOAD)

I adore this film. It’s both fun, funny, yet it’s also very cool. I dig what they were trying to do with the story. I think remake could really do well and I would be there for it.

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  1. Movies you saw in childhood that feel like fever dreams are the best. I thought for sure I hallucinated Godzilla vs The Sea Monster for years before I saw it on an every Godzilla movie review. And though I haven’t been able to find it, I think there exists out there a Pteradon vs Plesiosaur movie that was the lowest of budgets and dubbed badly into English if I remember correctly. Nevermind, found it. It’s called Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds from 1977. Thank you, internet! Now if only I could find that Harryhausen film that took place in Arabian Nights times and featured a tiny wizard in a bottle that summoned stop motion monster fights. Oh well, I guess OH WAIT I FOUND IT. Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, also from 1977. Why have I never tried Googling these things before?

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