Welcome to the 23rd Century — via Master Mix Movies

Logan’s Run was the most ambitious science fiction film made at the time. Bare in mind this was 1 year before Star Wars dominated the big screen. So their depiction of a futuristic society is a bit more cheesy with a space age soundtrack from Jerry Goldsmith, colorful costumes, and clean sets made from repurposed […]

Welcome to the 23rd Century — Master Mix Movies

The contrast between the sanitized existence of the dome to the outside world is wonderful. I also enjoy Box and how he would preserve the Runners. I didn’t see this one in the theaters, I caught it on television in 1978, after Star Wars was a daily staple in my life. Saying that, it was interesting for me until they made it outside. After that, it lost me. Now, I adore this film and love to pop it in every now and then. Check out Master Mix Movies’ entry on this sci-fi classic.

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