How the Cancelled UFO Series 2 Became Space:1999

I knew that UFO and Space:1999 had deeper connections than just the creatives who produced the two shows, but I had no idea that Space:1999 was actually built on a planned season two of UFO. I like both shows about equally. Not to say I am a rabid fan, but I’ll watch them from time to time. I have both series on my Plex server, but they really don’t make it into my regular viewing rotation. It’s not that I don’t get into the British style programs; I dig Doctor Who, the color seasons of the Avengers, and the Prisoner… to name a few. I am no stranger to quirky pacing in television programs. I am not a fan of “Super-Marination” at all, but I do appreciate that it really inspired a ton of Japanese production’s creativity.

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