The Late 1970’s, When Sci-Fi Ruled the Airwaves

Science Fiction was everywhere in the late 70’s. Star Trek was still going strong in syndication and Star Wars was on the minds of most of the planets youth who had it in their local theaters. There are two shows in particular of which cap off the Sci-Fi vibes of that era… Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers of the 25th Century. Both shows were helmed by Glen Larson and shared some of the sound effects, and a few other things.

The two programs share a few parallels. Both had pilot episode arcs that were released in the theaters, and they both had continuations that were less popular, to be kind, than the original seasons. BSG and BRit25th were part of my weekly watching habits. I really loved both and enjoyed how different they were from each other. Being eight and nine when each was released, I had some serious crush material on BSG, and a focused crush on BR in the form of Erin Grey.

Dig those ships. The Buck Rogers’ Starfighter was a rejected concept design of the Colonial Viper.

I only had two Battlestar toys, a Viper and the Interstellar Probe, and the only Buck Rogers toy I had was a set of army men style figures and ships.

I also had a Buck Rogers tin wastepaper can and a coloring book. The only other Battlestar Galactica merch I owned were a few Marvel Comics. While I loved these shows, they were still no Star Wars, and that’s where I focus my play attention. The years leading up to The Empire Strikes Back will always be my favorite era for Star Wars and the products that were released during that time.

Here are a few designs based on these shows. . .


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