The Outer Space Men

The Outer Space Men came into being in 1968. They were created by the Colorforms company in the bendy style similar to Mattel’s Major Matt Mason. Invented by Mel Birnkrant, the 3.5″ to 7″ bendable action figures incorporate a pliable metal wire armature encased in painted soft vinyl bodies with accordion joints. In recent years, the Four Horsemen have teamed up with Mel, recreating the old figures and creating new members of the line. I love the story behind these characters, and the creativity that went into them. I have never seen an original one in person, but I would plotz if I did.

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    Superman Collector in Hawaii says:

    This absolutely fascinates me. The amount of creativity and love that Mr. Birnkrant obviously poured into this line of figures truly deserved more attention. I’m glad that the waves of Outer Space Men figures finally got their due so many years after their initial creation.

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