Data Bits: 03.JAN.2023 – Banksy / Procession of the Months / Punk 🥰/ Sci-Fi Art

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Suspect facing 12 years for attempting to steal Banksy mural from side of Ukraine home

The Procession of the Months (ca. 1889)

While others celebrated New Year’s Eve, Walter Crane (1845–1915) mourned December’s passing. Honeymooning in Rome as 1872 drew to a close, the young artist found himself contemplating Shelley’s Dirge for the Year (1821): “January gray is here, / Like a sexton by her grave; / February bears the bier, / March with grief doth howl and rave”. This striking image of a personified calendar inspired Crane’s tempera and gouache The Death of the Year, in which a procession of Months entomb the bier of yesteryear in “a pillared porch of a temple — the house of time.”

The Procession of the Months (ca. 1889)
Young woman transforms from ‘nice girl’ to punk to test tolerance in 1983 BBC clip
“I recently unearthed a painting I did in 1968 for an exhibition at the London Planetarium, ‘Jupiter from Europa’.This was of course before we knew how flat Europa actually is, just that it was icy because of its albedo.”
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