Disney’s The Black Hole

So, it’s a new year and how do we begin every new year… with an old movie of course! Today we are watching Disney’s the Black Hole again. The House of Mouse’s non sequitur answer to Star Wars. I find it odd that I love to revisit this film every now and then. You see… I don’t really like it. Yeah. I know. It’s roughly the same pace as Star Trek the Motion Picture, which I adore, but the ending really is too odd. I mean, is it any odder than a first officer combining with an old probe from Earth that had been augmented by a machine-based alien lifeform? Well, when I put it that way, no. Don’t get me wrong, there are things I love about this movie, and I am happy that it exists, but the ending is just something that I cannot abide. Doc does not abide. Yet here we are. Watching the Black Hole again. Let us celebrate the greatness of this Captain Nemo in Space, meets Dante’s Inferno for what it is… mostly a good time.

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