Data Bits: 30 DEC 2022 – Mace Windu / Miss Ukraine ⚔️

First Look | Hot Toys Mace Windu & Super Battle Droid (Star Wars: Attack of the Clones)

I don’t have space for Hot Toys, nor do I have the money to purchase them, but they just seem to be getting better and better as time goes on. They’ve perfectly captured Sam Jackson’s stoic visage and I am here for it. Mace Windu is probably my favorite Jedi from the prequels. He has a commanding presence, and an even temperament. The 2003 novel Shatterpoint, centers around Mace Windu and delves deeper into the character.\

Miss Ukraine’s ‘Warrior of Light’

This costume took four months to build, under conditions that many would have just given up. I feel like “beauty pageants” are a bit passe, but I would be down for cosplay pageants. She looks marvelous in this outfit, in any outfit really, and I bet that she can bring hope to her country by representing it is such a fierce and badass fasion.

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